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40 Day Water Fast To Kill Lyme Disease

God is a peculiar parent at times, taking great effort to care and protect, and at times doing so in ways that seem somewhat tortuous. Regardless of our human opinions however, God really does know best. Its lent and many people are fasting in their own ways, but my way, is pretty extreme, but oh so so needed in humanity's consciousness.

To start Sharetanzania God called me on a fast. Not a change in diet, or dropping chocolate etc but a full blown zero calorie water only fast. In fact I had several. 11 days, 14, 21, 28, 35... so I am somewhat I seasoned faster. These are not periods one naturally looks forward to. Its uncomfortable, mentally mainly. Yet not so uncomfortable that you can not see the reason behind it. I am much more loving, caring and empathetic post fast, and much more healthy with it. When we fast in this way, ABSOLUTE bed rest is necessary. If you go off driving your car, walking around, you defeat the point. Like wise if you continue holding onto the reflections the world gives you to reinforce your identity, its again not as useful. I never learned that until 2018. I had fasted alone in solitude prior, and no one knew I was doing so bar close family. In 2018 I fasted 33 days and made videos for youtube etc through out. BAD idea. It leaves no space for the renewal I had experienced in my prior fasts, it left me kind of disappointed at best. Empty silence, meeting God in the present moment diligently for 40 days can transform a life. Refusing to do that can help you, but the more carnal minded habituated behavior your partake in the less change there is for that. For as it is written, "The carnal mind is enmity to the laws of God..." The 33 day fast turned my health around, but in my eagerness to live a full life again, and not treating the infection in my body immediately I guarantee Id have recovered then and ther. However I never, and it multiplied, on top of what is honestly one of the most stressful jobs on earth I suspect, I fell terribly ill. Heart complications saw me on a cardiac ward for 7 days after medications that killed the Lyme and Babesiosis caused my heart to swell, and my left ventricle to close to with in 3% of failure! Thank god for a low fat diet! To make matters worse I was in Tanzania at the time, so had to be air lifted to Kenya where the hospitals are of a much higher standard. This even triggered a fear in me, I felt paralysed to treat fully, so I fasted on and off to get things under control. All the while ignorantly maintaining my life as a founder of a charity with over 100 employees, and over 1 hundred children in our care, over half of which are special needs. This job is enough to make the strongest of men sick, let alone a weakened one. My inability to break the habit of who I was wrecked my body. Iv been bedridden 90% of my life the last 18 months. Among there I developed a super infection also, I turned to modern medicine for help, and help it did. Right up until the PICC line in my arm to my chest got infected, and I developed ESBL Ecoli. I then developed shingles, and after 4 weeks of seizures and fevers, I myself found the issue by sending my wife to a local lab here for a blood culture kit, again we were in Tanzania where even the best of Drs are substandard due to the stressful conditions. It near killed me, truly. I had other treatments that were a must, Apheresis filtered my blood in December 2018. I became strong after, the strongest iv been since I was ill. It turned out I had been poisoned here in Tanzania, how, we don't know, why, again it would be speculation. However 20x the toxic limit of Cobalt, 8 times copper and 2 times arsenic was drawn from my blood, and my body thanked me dearly for it. However the infection raged on, alongside my mental sickness of not stopping the work here. So I have now a plethora of treatments ahead of me this year, all much needed if I am to regain my life. However for now, after 2 1/2 months of reasonable activity assisted with an electric scooter, I crashed hard. I was unable to walk for 2 weeks, and I called on God once again. WHAT DO I DO!? My mind was averted to fasting. When ever I did as of 2019 I would vomit bile, it never used to be that way. Its desperately uncomfortable. I re read the amazing work of DR H Shelton. A Dr who fasted over 90,000 patients, and healed anything from arthritis, diabetes, infections all the way to cancer. I met a man who fasted 40 days for cancer and the hospital after apologized that they could no longer find his tumour. He laughed and said no need to apologise!! In there he states the vomiting is the liver dumping congestion early on in the fast. Relieving itself of the burden infection or unhealthy living has caused. So I began fasting, started vomiting and switched to juice. After 7 days on juice I went back to zero calories and the vomiting stayed at bay. So here I am 5 days with no food, and about to embark on the hardest fast of my life. The detox is horrific. As the fungus, bacteria and parasites die, you experience a herxheimer die off, but not as severe as from medications. The bodies detoxification ability is profoundly enhanced when not eating. I am aiming for 40 days, but I will listen to my body and cut it short if I must. I know at least 30 is in my capability however. Wait, 40 days no food! You'll die... No. This is a fabrication of the human ego. Most people can do it with ease. In fact the record is over 1 year in Scotland, a very large man who took electrolytes etc through out. I will not be, as I want to starve the pathogens in my body. EVERY living thing on this planet extends its life by fasting, this is a fact. This is due to autophagy and mitophagy. I'll let you look them up. Likewise all but humans here on earth, fast when sick. In nature fasting is a part of life, its only we humans who think we know better than God. Your hair grows, your heart beats and your trust it, stop eating and trust the same part of you to start healing and cleansing. So I am 5 days in, I have no found my footing yet, but at least the hardest part days 2 and 3 as you switch to ketosis for fuel over glucose, is over. From here I must find my centre, be still and meet God there. For in that stillness all sentient life entrusts their healing at times to God. Modern medicine has helped me, but nothing made me as strong as that 1st fast. Only difference now is once this is over, I will hit these little ba%$erds with all I can, and I am confident by Christmas, I will be alive, instead of wading through thick mud to do even the simplest of tasks. I will update sporadically through the fast, and I write this in the hope others in my position who are not familiar with fasting, find the strength and courage to accept that perhaps from a short period of discomfort, will come the fastest end to their suffering. We can but wait and see. In love to all John x

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