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We have all asked the question, who am I? Where am I? Where do I go when I die? Where did they go when they died? Is there a God? What is the meaning of life?

I do not ask you to believe anything in the words of this book. I point you only to a guiding light of great love that can be awoken in us all. Once it does, and the truth of who we are is illuminated, you will have the answers to those questions and more.

Let us journey together back through all you thought you were, to remember, to embrace an awakening and rebirth. A rebirth of your true nature and who you always were beneath the veil of thought.

May the presence of that light awaken in you, and you know its love, and for the world to know its love through you.

These are the reflections of an ordinary working-class man who had a series of inexplicable mystical experiences that have changed my life forever. From those experiences, I began to receive communication from a voice of great love and compassion in this world, but not of it. It led me to become the visionary of children's villages for special needs children in crisis living in Tanzania, which now provides a loving family home for nearly 200 children and over 100 rescue dogs.

I Am: Reflections of a Spiritual Rebirth

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